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ID 55573

Marco Ferreira

Founder & CTO @altitude-4

ID 27503

Vasco Calais Pedro

Founder and CEO @ Unbabel. Technical founder at @dezine. Founder of Bueda, developed social semantic analysis. Ph.D. at @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 140278

João Graça

Founder Unbabel • Worked at @dezine, @flashgroup • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania, @universidade-tecnica-de-lisboa

ID 431006

Ricardo Parro

Full stack generalist , code polyglot , early stage startup CTO and occasional hackathon participant. Taking tech startups to successful exits!

ID 82681

Pedro Carmo Oliveira

Founder @jobbox-io • Worked at @accenture, @edp • Studied at @delft-university-of-technology, @instituto-superior-tecnico

ID 598183

Eduardo Oliveira

Back-end developer, sysadmin and tech lead. Launched several e-commerces, had worked in high performance systems eg: Emailbidding and Jabong

ID 214792

Pedro Morais

Mobile Developer at Yammer London, wrote a book on Python, interested in all kinds of technologies.

ID 200743

Zé Pinto Ferreira

Founder @mellow . Previously R&D @procter-gamble-2 , @instituto-superior-tecnico . Entrepreneur, engineer, fan of all things food.

ID 175789

Nuno Rochinha

Worked at @getsocial, @excentric

ID 41663

Jose Simoes

Founder of @mobitto. PhD on User-Centric Advertising (CS at TU Berlin) with industry & startup experience. Globetrotter that lived in 5 different countries.

ID 382044

Paulo Gonçalves

Worked at @novabase, @collab • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico, @aalborg-university

ID 347215

Bruno Coelho

Software Engineer @seedrs. Curator of Coding since the age of 6, from Basic and Pascal to Java, Ruby On Rails and JavaScript.

ID 144062

Eduardo Pinheiro

CEO and Founder @muzzley • Co-Founder @findmore Consulting • Co-Founder @accedo-interactive-agency • Research Developer in @adetti - advanced research center

ID 173785

João Vazao Vasques

Founder @wazza • Worked at @uniplaces, @inesc-id-lisboa • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico

ID 386334

Hugo Silva

Founder Unbabel • Worked at @dezine

ID 308048

Paulo Taylor

Research & Innovation, Co-Founder of @ebuddy, founder of @phonnix

ID 43386

Mayel de Borniol

@babelverse Co-Founder. Glomad. Ideator. Hacker. Maker. Winner @ LeWeb, TheNextWeb, TechCrunch Disrupt. Alumni @500startups, @startupchile, @startupweekend

ID 178506

João Veiga

Interested in building systems.

ID 5399

Bruno Pedro

Web and Business developer with over fifteen years’ experience in both startups and large corporations.

ID 60140

Tiago Paiva

Co-Founder @talkdesk; Worked at Procter&Gamble.

ID 60509

Cristina Fonseca

Co-Founder @Talkdesk.

ID 262180

Rafael Albuquerque

Open-source advocate. Doing backend and frontend development for a living. Diving into mobile development as soon as possible.

ID 45351

Alexandre Carvalho

Head of engineering @linkedcare Previously @outitude founder and CEO Before product manager/developer for:,,

ID 384850

Carlos Serrão

PhD, Assistant Professor at ISCTE-IUL and Netmust Founder

ID 135849

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO at Group Buddies. Group Buddies, is a web & mobile development team looking for new ventures.

ID 236109

Igor Soarez

Passionate web developer. Geek. Fighting complexity since 1988.

ID 519918

Ricardo Vice Santos

Founder Roger • Worked at @spotify, @guestcentric-systems • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico

ID 49367

Diogo Almeida

Founder & CEO of @gnomeslab

ID 69035

Rui Quelhas

Software Engineer @alpha-internet-ventures. Prev. same role @muzzley, PM @roundabet, all-around young programmer @onleague and guy @lean Startup Meetup Minho.

ID 267366

Hugo Cristóvão de Campos

Software/web developer and Javascript, node.js, AngularJS and mongoDB lover/enthusiast.

ID 71348

Tiago Pais

CTO and Chief Winemaker at @Easy Vino

ID 125341

David Silva

Ruby Web Developer at HouseTrip

ID 403702

João Soares

Full stack Rails developer, snowboarder and tennis player

ID 117946

Tiago Martins

Founder & CEO of Songvice • Studied Computer Science at @university-of-hertfordshire. Passionate Ruby on Rails Developer. House Music DJ & Producer

ID 187643

João Pina Souza

Executive Manager | Senior IT | MBA | Founder @shipizy

ID 705256

Francisco Baio Dias

ID 40230

Birdie Coronel Dequay

Professional web developer and entrepreneur. Owner at ChiOri {khi'-Ory} New Media (@chiorimedia-com) with a rich portfolio of web-based projects.

ID 130787

William Coates

Developer, entrepreneur, and Bitcoin advocate. Over 10 years experience with web tech.

ID 138226

Tony Tam

Not a Top-School CS graduate, Master of no trades; launched inumeral non-successful apps, Never worked at a Top-Tech Company.

ID 88441

Niko Roberts

Director of @tasboa I built my first 2 IT startups in high school. Studied business and computer science. 10 years experience in web and mobile startups

ID 53307

Gonçalo Henriques

Multidisciplinar developer with a great sense of UI/UX and marketing needs, user testing and result driven, motivated by challenges.

ID 236196

Pedro Afonso

Independent Consultant / Node.js & AngularJS FullStack Engineer

ID 89507

Bruno Machado

Founder and CTO at beepcare. Entrepreneur. 15+ years in IT, 8+ years in project management (IPMA certified)

ID 360909

Kathiravelu Pradeeban

An Open Source Evangelist. Postgraduate student of the Erasmus Mundus European Master in Distributed Computing, from IST, Lisbon, Portugal, and KTH Sweden.

ID 355246

Daniel Cardoso

Worked at @instituto-superior-tecnico, @betapp • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico, @university-utrecht

ID 143538

Bruno Coelho

Student, self-taught web developer.

ID 380275

Ricardo Lopes

Software engineer looking for a new challenge

ID 213418

Daniel Vila Boa

Founder and Managing Partner Chilltime

ID 267540

Vasco Conde

Finishing my Computer Science Masters. iOS and Web programming.

ID 259288

Raphael Cruzeiro

Founder • Studied at @puc-sp Experienced generalist software developer with a strong background on UNIX and web development.

ID 272406

Pedro Esperanca

Founder @wave-cat & @a-tua-mae • started coding in 2010 and haven't stopped since

ID 386357

João Romão

Founder @beyonideas, 1st Startup after College | Geek and ambitious. Loving new tecnologies..

ID 376216

Pedro Arantes E Oliveira

Founder @musicfightz; Studied Multimedia Design; Worked at the Institute of Telecommunications in Lisbon;

ID 376414

Greg Stern

ID 277727

João Quintanilha Martins

MSc in Telecommunications and Computer Engineering, plus experience in Business Development and Marketing roles.

ID 170540

Jorge Sepúlveda

Founder @entrepreneurs-break

ID 397035

André Santos

ID 725750

Carlos Carreiras

Founder CardioID Technologies Lda • Worked at @instituto-de-telecomunica-es • Studied at @instituto-superior-t-cnico

ID 246539

Jorge Galvão

I have previously worked as a consultant, currently working as a software engineer.

ID 624974

Francisco Vieira

Security­-savvy Python Programmer, focus on backend but curious about Javascript, love to learn, looking for challenges.

ID 281586

Tiago Bernardo

Senior Backend Developer at @realtime-co • Worker @gmv-s-a, • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico

ID 387247

Vicente Canhoto

Developer at @netmust • Studied at @iscte-lisboa

ID 200733

Paulo Heleno


Entrepeneur, Co-Founder @vision-box, Angel. Investing in globally oriented portuguese (and portuguese speaking) startups

ID 729361

Pedro Rodrigues

ID 362443

Bruno Vieira

Bioinformatics PhD student at @queen-mary-london and Node.JS Web Developer. Working on, and Worked at @geeklist

ID 611406

Carolina de Figueiredo Bento

Software Engineer and Data Analysis aficionado. Have a MSc and BSc in Computer Science

ID 761519

Ricardo Marques

Worked at @novabase, @inesc-id-lisboa • Studied at @Instituto Superior Técnico

ID 347757

Ruben de Campos

Pentester @pt-comunicacoes-sapo Co-founder and developer @worldclassnotes Master degree in Information Security @navigators-lasige-fcul

ID 364801

Nuno Coração

Master in Distributed system, currently working in a nationprovider for internet and TV services, worked as a researcher at INESC-ID

ID 804906

Filipe Alves Monteiro

The enthusiastic analytic.

ID 472534

Mario Nzualo

Software Engineer with a passion for crafting systems for the Web

ID 856440


Erasmus Mundus Master Student in Computational Logic.

ID 751681

André V. Carreiro

PhD student in Biomedical Eng. at IST and INESC-ID. Software and mobile applications.

ID 180259

Bruno Santos

Enjoys doing all kinds of things with computers. First employee at Survs. Helps out at TEC.

ID 307316

Tiago Queirós

ID 383078

Jose Jacinto

Worked at major mobile telecom companies.Developed business critical software in telecom industries.System administrator in several telecom platform deployments

ID 798323

Miguel Aragão

Worked as researcher at @institute-for-systems-and-robotics-lisboa ; Created @betapp from scratch in 2 months; Played competition tennis for 10 years.

ID 144867

Daniel Faria

Founder TradeDare • Studied at @universidade-de-coimbra • Semi-Finalist MIT Portugal Venture Competition

ID 251126

Tânia Pinheiro

Android Game Developer

ID 568641

Alexandre Alves

Full-stack Developer. 2 years agency environment. 3 years with freelancing experience. Worked with renowned brands (MINI, BMW...)

ID 461241

João Antunes

Front End and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) developer, focused on building robust and interactive web applications.

ID 676101

André Correia

MSc in Computer Science and Business Management. Solid knowledge on decision support systems, with good managerial and communication skills.

ID 521529

Miguel Antunes

COO of Wisaer, Software Engineer by background and Startup Addict by passion

ID 596558

João Almeida

Student @Instituto Superior Técnico

ID 138601

Samuel Gordalina

Co-Founder @epicmember • Entrepreneur • Open Source Enthusiast • Musician

ID 680525

João Barreto

Fresh graduate in Computer Science and Management from Portugal, looking for adventure!

ID 786746

Fábio Oliveira

ID 832195

Ines Levezinho

Graduating this semester in electronic and computer engineering. Seeking an entry job as a web developer.

ID 505441

Filipe Pinheiro

In love with every aspect of programming and making your life easier using technology. Making the world a better place.

ID 679538

José Duarte

CS, 5 Websites in the air, experience in startup job, experience developing alone

ID 751427

João Ferreira


ID 769113

Pedro Gomes

ID 49865

Élio Severiano

@socialveo Co-Founder

ID 194326

Diogo Cunha

Head of Business Development at

ID 373812

Rita Ferreira

WebMethods Consultant. Worked at Telefonica and Vodafone.

ID 204811

Nuno Boavida

Software developer for profession, UI/UX designer for fun

ID 122223

João Gomes

Founder ubaza • Ex-manager @novabase, entrepreneur, pragmatic innovator, university teacher, freeware developer

ID 433683

Bruno Antunes Luis

CEO and co-founder of @mougli. Plus other web stuff with @gaspard-bruno.

ID 653212

João Portela

Software Developer. Web enthusiast. Product-driven motivation.

ID 420607

Vasco Pinheiro

Software Engineer

ID 660544

Nuno Miguel Silva

Student at the Faculty of Sciences in the University of Lisbon. Taking Computer Science. Bitcoin enthusiast. Great programmer in C and JAVA.

ID 784434

Diogo Silva

ID 779275

Ricardo Silva

indiedev, gamedev, C# AS3 programmer

ID 334854

Bruno Félix

Full stack engineer and team leader; Experience working on multi-cultural settings and emerging markets;

ID 338338

Emanuel Alves

MSc Student and Research at Navigators/LaSIGE.

ID 612119

Joel Cordeiro

Enthusiastic software engineer. Strongly skilled for problem solving. Expertise in Artificial Intelligence. Passionate about software and language design.

ID 240211

Marcelo Lebre

Founder and CTO of Kureer. Successfully published researcher on Internet of Things. Quality Assurance Engineer and member of the innovation team at Novabase.

ID 196183

Peter Bouda

Co-founder of CIDLeS. Linguist and Geek. Specialist for language technologies. Top Innovator @ Mobile World Congress 2008.

ID 204391

Tiago Duarte

Self taught Web developer. Music & Design lover.

ID 628926

António Costa

Business Intelligence / SQL Developer (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist)

ID 217543

Manuel Silva

between plastics and code!

ID 527357

Wilson Silva

I love what I do and I love to do it well. I have a range of experience gained through my innate curiosity, tinkering, and desire to solve technical issues.

ID 437304

Goncalo Pires

JavaScript enthusiast

ID 443831

Tiago Relvao

Web [email protected]

ID 396294

Hélder Pinheiro

ID 585527

Pedro Cardoso

Geek, surfer, JS developer, and Dreamer with 16 years old more info:

ID 337378

João Vilaça

Full stack generalist

ID 34622

Jose Da Silva

ID 598902

Moises Ribeiro Jr

ID 423948

Paul Bleicher

Data Enthusiast. Background in Corporate Finance.

ID 489726

Luís Santos

Software Developer at Portugal Telecom, Mathematics Student, Java lover.

ID 175745

Nuno Vidal

Self employer, Iqual to Iqual app, Energy safe Tech, First Maternity of oysters Angolata spciment in Portugal, Made your self app safe the energy in transport.

ID 672528

André Teodoro

Universidade Lusofona de Lisboa, IT Management Degree, knowledge in Software Development in different Programming Languages and general Management.

ID 224041

Joao Santos

Founding Partner of Kitanda. I look for long term fundamental change in Financial Technology, and I use Open Source as the tool of change.

ID 885291

Filipe Silva

Computer Science Degree, 4 Years exeperience in Corporate Database oriented Application development

ID 611659

Pavol Toth


ID 392146

Diogo Neves (aka. Mangaru)

I'm a fine webdeveloper and javascript developer

ID 79821

António Jorge Alpedrinha Ramos

Recently a NodeJs enthusiast! Great learner, challenges oriented ! Interested in cool things like AI and complex algorithms !

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