Lisboa Startups List

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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Lisboa.

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ID 434661

Joao Maia

Founder and Managing Director at Runtime Revolution / Karma Consulting

ID 274017

Abdellaziz Morsly

ID 747551

Pedro Bastos

ID 670314

Maria Gomes

Founder @reliveup , Social Media Marketer, kitties lover

ID 55573

Marco Ferreira

Founder & CTO @altitude-4

ID 267131

Catarina Violante

Founder @mellow with a background in industrial design and product development. Lover of all things hardware. Foodie.

ID 689210

Ivana Pinto

Founder Ivana Pinto Fashion Designer and CEO of Ivana Pinto. Studied Art and Design at PCA in Plymouth,UK. Worked as a Textiles Designer in Seoul, South Korea.

ID 445450

Ricardo Sousa

Founder & CEO @clientplus + Founder & Chairman @colorelephant // Worked with/for @microsoft @wooga @6wunderkinder @evernote ...

ID 725750

Carlos Carreiras

Founder CardioID Technologies Lda • Worked at @instituto-de-telecomunica-es • Studied at @instituto-superior-t-cnico

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