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ID 89626

Baris Erkol

UX & UI Design -Communicating design ideas through sketches, wireframes & mockups. -Interactive prototyping. -Collaboration with design & engineering team.

ID 107241

Frank Costa

Director of Product @moviepilot

ID 534679

Rodrigo Franco

Interaction and Ui&Ux Designer

ID 135849

Roberto Machado

Founder & CEO at Group Buddies. Group Buddies, is a web & mobile development team looking for new ventures.

ID 293392

telma neves

Creative Director @GOYouthConf

ID 249975

Braulio Santos

6 years of experience in graphic design and illustration, iOS app layout design, typeface design, Founder @mobigeek-studios

ID 810300

Helder Olivier

Experienced Graphic Designer ★ Passionate about turning dreams into reality

ID 108521

Paulo Fonseca

Founder of @whistle and @entrepreneurs-break • UX Designer with a business oriented vision.

ID 384666

Tiago Almeida

menosketiago™ also known as Tiago Almeida is a Lisbon based designer and illustrator, famed as an handy man of the creative type.

ID 206024

Natalia Błaszczyk

Worked at @outsystems

ID 40230

Birdie Coronel Dequay

Professional web developer and entrepreneur. Owner at ChiOri {khi'-Ory} New Media (@chiorimedia-com) with a rich portfolio of web-based projects.

ID 267366

Hugo Cristóvão de Campos

Software/web developer and Javascript, node.js, AngularJS and mongoDB lover/enthusiast.

ID 53780

Gonçalo Catarino

Designer + Creative & Product Director + Stuff. Founder of @weddar, @factory-productions. Co-Founder at Owlr.

ID 382044

Paulo Gonçalves

Worked at @novabase, @collab • Studied at @instituto-superior-tecnico, @aalborg-university

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 453804

Sérgio Rodrigues

UI & Web Designer

ID 386332

Bruno Prezado Silva

Founder and UX designer at Unbabel. Worked in the advertising business as an Art director, delivering BTL and web campaigns for multinational brands.

ID 249819

Bruno Monteiro

User Experience Designer with +10 experience in web related projects. Team player, typography lover and human being in the spare time.

ID 239844

Mariana Fernandes

UX/Web designer at Mobigeek Studios, prev startup experience with Prodsmart and NESTA Magazine. Masters in New Media and Web Design, NOVA University of Lisbon.

ID 272406

Pedro Esperanca

Founder @wave-cat & @a-tua-mae • started coding in 2010 and haven't stopped since

ID 472534

Mario Nzualo

Software Engineer with a passion for crafting systems for the Web

ID 385931

Ângela Leão Miguel

Founder @beyonideas, 1st startup after 1 year as Graphic Designer.

ID 367179

Marša Marušič

Graphic designer & Photographer, passionate for Typography

ID 171142

Irina Quintela

Founder of fashion/style startup @styling-up . Graphic/UI/Mograph Designer. Self taught digital marketeer (always learning..)

ID 851420

Kenny Branco


ID 422165

Joana Ribeiro

Founder ponto.espaco fotografia • Studied at @university-of-lisbon, @universidade-lusiada

ID 696992

Pedro de Sousa

ID 214352

Carolina Mem Correa de Sa

Founder PostPug • Worked at @spobbles • Studied at @university-of-wales-aberystyth

ID 807362

David Baena

Art, music, love, friendship, spirituality, travelling, food, technology, etc

ID 251126

Tânia Pinheiro

Android Game Developer

ID 429705

Carla Esteves

Founder Gugababy - Marketing and Advertising

ID 49865

Élio Severiano

@socialveo Co-Founder

ID 213418

Daniel Vila Boa

Founder and Managing Partner Chilltime

ID 506760

Diogo Quaresma

I'm a creative person, so I love create new things from illustration to film productions. Now I'm working at muzzley as web designer.

ID 596558

João Almeida

Student @Instituto Superior Técnico

ID 244619

André da Costa

Founder @beyonideas, 1st Startup after College | Passioned about 3D Art&Animation, Augmented Reality, UI|UX Design

ID 380724

Gonçalo Costa

Co Founder of WineYard. Entrepreneur. All round creative background.

ID 518125

Pedro Oliveira

A designer focused on the details and function.

ID 274414

Luís Miguel Mendes

UI / UX Designer

ID 204811

Nuno Boavida

Software developer for profession, UI/UX designer for fun

ID 219369

Nelson Rodrigues

Web & Graphic Designer

ID 331085

Pedro Moreira da Silva

Designer / UX and Service Design Enthusiast

ID 420681

Rui Bravo

Ui/Ux Designer Guy

ID 217543

Manuel Silva

between plastics and code!

ID 307968

Carlos Ceia

Meaningful and user friendly solutions, backed by analytical and strategic thinking. Graphic and Editorial Design, led to UI and Web Design.

ID 234684

Pedro Miguel

I have a open mind always provisions to learn with persons who have much more experience and with this keep learn because every day a person learn something new

ID 692627

Bruno Barroso

CRM/UX Consultant

ID 298859

Design Handyman

I help startups and entrepeneurs with their graphic and web design needs.

ID 453737

Nelson Marteleira

I’m a designer who helps businesses in product design, interaction design, social design, user experience and interface design.

ID 650043

Beatriz Patrocínio

Startup Concierge at LisbonChallenge (acceleration program) | Executive Board Member at Students' Union | Event manager & coordinator

ID 485452

Catarina Coutinho

User Interface Designer

ID 430645

Vasco Gaspar

UX Designer, Visual Designer, Front-End Developer, Death Metal Drummer, Aspiring Goalkeeper, Cat Lover

ID 347224

Joana Duraes

Graphic and Web Designer

ID 389821

Guilherme Corte-Real

Young, creative and motivated.

ID 95476

Pedro Pinto

Creator of The Currency and Trailer Room. Marketing Degree, Post-graduation in Foresight, Strategy and Innovation. Passion for product development.

ID 576570

Nelson Leão

I have been working as a freelance web designer since 2004. I do plan, design and implementation, using the latest techniques in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL.

ID 654014

Cristina Rosa

UX/UI Designer with 2 years of experience. Interests in Psychology, Emotions, Neuroscience, Affective Computing, Internet of Things and Transmedia.

ID 885291

Filipe Silva

Computer Science Degree, 4 Years exeperience in Corporate Database oriented Application development

ID 165418

Maria Azevedo Coutinho

Founder @my-street-vendors, My Street Vendors

ID 845467

Sérgio Gonçalves

Graphic Designer & Art Director

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