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ID 598183

Eduardo Oliveira

Back-end developer, sysadmin and tech lead. Launched several e-commerces, had worked in high performance systems eg: Emailbidding and Jabong

ID 178506

João Veiga

Interested in building systems.

ID 624974

Francisco Vieira

Security­-savvy Python Programmer, focus on backend but curious about Javascript, love to learn, looking for challenges.

ID 311611

Alvaro Recuero

MSc @KTHKista and @istecnico, swimmer, runner and newbie surfer. Look forward to working into new ventures with great people to deliver excellent results.

ID 236196

Pedro Afonso

Independent Consultant / Node.js & AngularJS FullStack Engineer

ID 262180

Rafael Albuquerque

Open-source advocate. Doing backend and frontend development for a living. Diving into mobile development as soon as possible.

ID 885291

Filipe Silva

Computer Science Degree, 4 Years exeperience in Corporate Database oriented Application development

ID 779275

Ricardo Silva

indiedev, gamedev, C# AS3 programmer

ID 832195

Ines Levezinho

Graduating this semester in electronic and computer engineering. Seeking an entry job as a web developer.

ID 670658

Tomás Senart

I am a perfectionist who knows deadlines, makes complex things simple, embraces change by preparing for it and devises coherent solutions to problems.

ID 888904

Ana Cerqueira

Web developer

ID 13551

Joel Fernandes

CTO of Startup Grind.

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