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ID 194330

Vanda de Oliveira

Project Management, Event Planning and Management, Intrapreneur

ID 529380

Miguel Azevedo Peres

Food &wine

ID 277727

João Quintanilha Martins

MSc in Telecommunications and Computer Engineering, plus experience in Business Development and Marketing roles.

ID 788705

Daniel Lourenço

bachelor degree in telecom and computer science at ISCTE Lisboa, 2G and 3G engineer, good sales experience and costumer service

ID 112515

Renato Paco

Co-founder of @outitude, Managing Partner at @inok

ID 479671

Pedro Viana

I've a broad perspective of innovation and focus on improvement. I looking to contribute to the creation, development and management of innovative projects.

ID 837070

Yuri Wentink

Management Bachelor at ISCTE-IUL; Purpose-driven, extremely fast-learner; Student representative and young leader (leaded over 200 people during university).

ID 521529

Miguel Antunes

COO of Wisaer, Software Engineer by background and Startup Addict by passion

ID 804657

Gabriela Camargo

French-Btazilian yogi newbee, freelancer, student, very communicative, autodidact and very persistent.

ID 608628

André Faria

Looking for an opportunity to make a difference in a start-up company.

ID 214352

Carolina Mem Correa de Sa

Founder PostPug • Worked at @spobbles • Studied at @university-of-wales-aberystyth

ID 244786

Pedro Goncalves


ID 423948

Paul Bleicher

Data Enthusiast. Background in Corporate Finance.

ID 496184

Bernard Candey

Marketing | Social Media; Worked at Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Universal Music Group

ID 555698

Marta Velez

Worked w/ over 10 start ups in Portugal and Asia. Online Marketing Wizard. Creating my own start up.

ID 40266

Nuno Coelho Martins

Co-Founder of Savanza micro-credit for students. Co-Founder of RockYourMeal(.com) Strong business background (@accenture & @world-economic-forum).

ID 872186

Filipe Dias

Reliable professional, proactive and focused on delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time & budget. Technically and business-savvy.

ID 542777

Joana Mendonça

Co-Founder @epicmember - Studied Law at @university-of-lisbon and Project Management @NOVASBE

ID 827389

Ana Afonso

Creator of Creator of the iOS app Assistance. Fitness group instructor and coordinator. Casting assistant for TV and publicity. Dj and Producer.

ID 884370

Marietta Nienhaus

NOVA SBE International Marketing and Management with practical internatioal experience at Volkswagen de México and Coca-Cola Germany

ID 519990

Daniel Silvestre

Professional Business Graduate w/ Expertise in Operations & Business Intelligence seeking Open Positions

ID 389172

Diogo Guerra

I´m an entrepreneur, a social media lover completely passionate about the Internet of Things and an innovation-driven individual.

ID 591252

Pedro Castro

Entrepreneurial mindset, looking for exciting opportunity in innovative startup in Berlin.

ID 137125

Andre Lopes

Founded and sold to @ezimut which I joined as VP Product. Background in Commercial Real Estate and Product Management.

ID 470208

Omar Vera

CTO & Founder @whata-tv-2

ID 187643

João Pina Souza

Executive Manager | Senior IT | MBA | Founder @shipizy

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